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What the hell is that match? But they never changed it back.

Some aren't that noticeable, but others were. Lets also not pretend that downvoting is not used to attack different opinions here e. You never thought that was possible at all? Many wrestlers switched to the cover version of their theme but some eventually switched back.

Maybe using footage from Knucklehead. Never noticed they changed it. And I've got some good answers from everyone else here. The original just never did anything for me.

Not to mention embarrassing. Moderator Discretion At any time the moderators will use discretion on any given rule. Thought reading this he had a new theme now and I was afraid that meant a few more years of Big Show.

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That would've been awesome. To be fair, I think it was an improvement for Ryder. He used it for a week before it was scrapped and given to Punk a few months later. Just instantly sets a tone of suck and I have trouble recovering. The newer theme just doesn't have that impact.

Or when he returned to Smackdown and destroyed the whole roster! If I had to describe to someone what it was like, I'd say it was Snorlax's alarm clock.

Doesn't William Regal have two different themes that alternates depending on if he's heel or face? Godfather's became his regular theme for a while and was great. Both versions of his song make me cringe each time. You just made me realize that the theme song isn't the same anymore. So if he hadn't slimmed down and lost all that weight this year he would've probably come out to the ring to some funeral doom metal cover of his song?

So when watching through older clips, I realized he had a different, better version of his theme. Michael Hayes did the vocals on the original version of his theme so that wouldn't have been a reason. The lead vocalist is over-singing like crazy. So the music reflects more his pace, tone, and style than the older one did. It bothers me far more than any global issues.

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It just sounds better, has a more driving guitar riff, intex ismart pc suite and the vocals are better. You can tell by how his head is now that he was losing his hair.

Haha I forgot all about that. It's got a more unique feel to it than the generic rock of the current version. Want to add to the discussion? It took a long time for me to get used to the new music. The original Radio made it hard to take Zack serious, and he was betting at least more opportunities, with the Hype Bros and what not.

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That original theme had been running joke for years by the time they changed it. It has more energy, as it seems more upbeat as opposed to the current theme, which feels just slow in comparison.

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Why did WWE make a new theme song for Big Show SquaredCircle

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Why did WWE make a new theme song for Big Show SquaredCircle

Big Show's cover theme stuck for some reason. Big Show's old theme is way worse. Apparently one of them was on Jimmy Johnston and the story focused on how he made Big Show's theme.

Now he's kind of a goof even when he's heel. The weirdest thing about this video is watching Cena just be tossed around like any of the other guys. This was the end of my first Smackdown and not seen it since.

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