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What is accommodating, accommodating - definition of accommodating by The Free Dictionary

As the muscles within the eye contract and relax, the tiny amount of fluid in the lens moves to maintain visual acuity. And, as time goes on, other highly novel lens accommodation strategies will be developed.

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Check out a past post I wrote comparing monofocal vs. The lens actually changes its shape by responding to the natural cues from the same ciliary muscles in the eye that foster natural, youthful accommodation. The second, fluid-based lens, which provides a more full range of focusing power, is then implanted through a smaller incision made possible by the base lens.

Accommodating - definition of accommodating by The Free Dictionary

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It incorporates liquid crystal chemistry, electricity and integrated circuity to provide clear, accommodating vision. The electrical current adjusts the lens focusing power based not only on distance, feedee dating but also on other factors like work and light environment.

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For those who want to potentially get rid of their glasses altogether, the multifocal implant caters to both distance and near vision.

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