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Unfortunate for Daikichi, Yukari decided to define their relationship more clearly by dating another man and ultimately decided to marry her new boyfriend than to be with Daikichi. Based on the fact that the girls will be separated from each other and their family destroyed, he decides to take them in and let them stay together. She loves and cares for Kouki a lot. One day, a university student, Sagawa Yuta, is asked to take care of his three daughters by his sister Yuri, who is going on a trip with her husband. They are in a friendly relationship and they both cares for each other.

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As for Daikichi, he and Yukari always had feelings for each other, but in the past decade, both of them only remained a good friendship. Personality Yukari is a very kind woman that helps others. Yukari seemed to develop feelings for Daikichi throughout the series, however she didn't agree when Daikichi proposed to her for some reasons.

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And does your family really need to be composed of two people, male and female, for you to be happy? Maybe watching the anime mentioned in this list will help you find your answer about what parenthood and family really means. One day he decides to take Tsumugi to the restaurant one of his students, Kotori, runs together with her mother. Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!

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Just like Usagi Drop, its story develops around the bond that creates between two strangers, who get to know each other by chance and to the point they come to build a sort of peculiar relationship. Watching this anime, rsvp dating mackay fans of Usagi Drop will certainly note the points that make these two masterpieces so similar to each other.

She is often seen with a smile on her face. She extremely cares for his son and kept unmarried for years just to look after him. However, one night, he eventually suggested to Yukari to live together with Kouki and Rin as a happy family.

She willingly takes good care of Rin whenever she's needed and act very motherly towards her. That is when their cooking adventures begin.

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