Stanley 55 plane dating, stanley hand plane dating

No part of this publication may be copied or reproduced in any manner or form. Just try to go with the grain, have sharp cutters, and set your runners for a thin cut. Unless you're a mobile workman, these facts are meaningless. Certain small features are either part of this plane or not, enough to narrow down the production dates of Stanley planes to within a few years of each other. The hold down screw is sweetheart marked.

For a user, online dating pluses it is a great example. You will notice that sometimes I put more than one picture on a page. Keep in mind that the prices in this book are based on eBay sales only!

This is a much nicer example than it sounds. This is an early example with the patent date on the blade. It certainly could do that, but that's not its gig in the woodworker's stand-up act. There are several pricing guides available and the more you have the better. Since the fence is supported by curved arms, this feature allows the plane to be worked farther from the edge than it normally would be.

The Stanley 55 PlaneMore Than A Paperweight

Wood and Shop

The use of both fences prevents any straying off course of the plane, which is especially important when using profiles that slope down toward the left fence. Always place at least one runner at the lowest point of the cutter. Another thing not mentioned in the type study is that on some examples the frogs have an orange overpaint on them. Swiss Army Knife of Handplanes. Hardwood handles painted black.

Stanley 55 plane dating

How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

There is one metal part that I've seen broken on many of these planes. This will be very noticeable if you are making any sort of moulded frames. Its iron is stamped with the first sweetheart trade- mark. Flowchart at woodcenteral. It shows ome honest nickel wear on the skate but is still a very clean plane that should satisfy a collector or a discerning user.

If you are missing parts you can track that too. For a short period, with the lever cap nickel plated, the notched rectangle's background is decidedly reddish in color. And holding there also throws off your balance. It is as found and as expected it is much darker on the outside than the inside.

The Stanley No. 55 King of Combination Planes

How to use of stanley plane dating hand tools category. Stan faullin helped by answering a particular plane dating flowchart. Posts in the plane dating flowchart to identify antique stanley hand planes are cast into bed? The metal is in nice condition.

This is one of Stanley's scarcer planes. It doesn't have the fine adjustment that the left fence does. The lever cap has a subtle change in its shape - it is not as rounded about the edges as the earlier style is. Each box has a label to illustrate each cutter within the box. Somebody really bid this high on a late model No.

Step 2 Components

These should be redone properly with oil stones before you use them. The screw does have a function, like every other screw, nut, bolt, whistle, bell, glitter, etc. The lacquer on the brass trim has darkened a bit and is flaking a bit, which is why I did not go for Fine, but it is certainly as crisp as they come. The blade has a light patina. The frog receiver is now a broad, rectangular area, creationists with an arched rear the portion nearest the tote.

There were a lot of collectors that were willing to spend a lot of money and others got some great deals! Nickel-plated bodies were introduced afterwards. Not marked but made by Stanley and quite scarce. Any deviation from the model parameters is to be described, latino guys dating site whether positive or negative. Best tinder openers that work.

The plane can only hold one cutter at a time. Several books indicate the corrugated are less common and more valuable. Original shipping costs non-refundable. Does plane has been used products in various sizes.

If the cutter is wide or the pro file complex, the auxiliary center skate should be used as well. It would rate much higher, but the patina is not that even color that I want to see on a fine grading. All parts may or may not be vintage correct but will be functional, complete. The head and grip are rosewood.

Dating Stanley

Sometimes the pictures may not be prompted what year and type. Purchaser pays return shipping costs. If there can be a ball and chain of planes, this is it, baby. The front brass handle lug is also polished.

The lever cap is nickel plated, but the notched rectangle's background is painted in Stanley's trademark orange color. And very much so, at that, as it seems that Stanley wanted to deplete the free world's nickel resources, with this plane as proof. Stanley Hard to Find Parts. Hand plane technology progressed through the centuries with wooden planes making way for metal-bodied planes. It has the heavier casting of the s planes.

Stanley 45 Combination Plane 12 Steps

  • Vintage stanley english bench planes surform for london stansted airport, this stanley english bench planes from stan faullin.
  • Again, we've never needed an angled moulding badly enough to find out, but it is interesting.
  • The wider cutters can be a struggle.
  • Second Chance Antique Tools.

Antique Stanley Tools at The Best Things

If creating a bead on the face of the board, the device can be used as a clamp as well. The heel top of the cutter sticks up above the casting, right where it can rip unsuspecting flesh to a bloody mess, so many of the planes have the cutter reshaped to minimize bloodletting during use. Still a lovely as found example.

For earlier, non-slitter type planes. The following condition ratings are used to qualify and describe items in a general manner. The lever cap has some peeling nickel and a tiny chip in the edge, as noted with the arrow. This all is likely explained by the fact that Stanley was using stock on-hand, where parts made prior to the war were simply being used. Advertisements of the time may have oversold its capabilities.

These planes typically have the rounded iron. However, for any profile that you plan to stick over and over, dating i'm a dedicated wooden plane is preferable. The adjustment knob also retains its nickel plating.

Stanley hand plane dating

There is some pitting on the right side which impacts the grading, but this is a nice user example. These pins are often missing are really are not an issue. The cutter is held to the main casting with a simple slotted screw. This is likely the mark of the Sessions Foundry, who contracted with Stanley to produce their castings.

Plane Dating Flowchart
  1. Where this bottom is used is on profiles like ogees, or compositions using the hollows and rounds cutters.
  2. The trammels are untouched with a pleasing patina.
  3. Jay converted the plane dating flowchart and feature timeline.
The Stanley Bench Plane Page

Note that some linear marks from the runners can show up when using the larger cutters. Most have been replaced by modern electric tools. Stanley Bed Rock Bench Planes. That, or someone decided the feature was useless, like so many other gizmos the company offered.

West Wing - Stanley 55
How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

Step 1 Identification

Another tool pal of mine, from longuyland, has seen one before. No round sides made the highs. There is one of - type or cap can cover in fairly good shape. If everything seems to be going fine but the plane starts taking heavier and heavier cuts until it is really chewing up the moulding you have a backlash problem.

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