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Nabin K Bhattarai Suggest image. Nabin K Bhattarai Biography. Indeep Koirala is Nabin K Bhattarai's manager and has been with the artist for three years already. Nepali Chords Nepali Lyrics. He has a huge fan base inNepaland is considered to be one of the best pop singers ofNepal.

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Priyanka Karki fool nepalies about Cannes. He started his career by playing in a band and later on released his own album. His musical journey has been an inspiration to the Nepali music lovers. Popular Tags Blog Archives.

He has been keeping a low profile for the past four years. He is fond of doing different experiments in music. The song was part of his first album Raharai Raharma. His song Ali Alikati Pida from the album G-Major was critically acclaimed by many for its folk and pop mix and the affluent use of musical instruments. His first ever award was Sajjan Smriti which was also followed by Chinnalata award and five more hits Fm awards.

Bimal Gharti Magar of Nepal. Din Hos Ya Raat dhakatopi.

New Songs of Subani Moktan. All the songs on the album composed by Nabin use live instruments such as the guitar, flute, harmonium, of song kya yahi pyar hai from rocky bass and even the cello. Nabin K Bhattarai has also sung a few songs and made music for a few Nepali movies. Nabin achieved a lot in music during a short period of time.

Nabin K Bhattarai

Nabin K Bhattarai Ma Maya Laudina

He is been favorite of Nepali music followers. January Traveling gives us the opportunity to disconnect from our regular life. Talk about Gyanendra Shahi.

After the huge success of his first album, he has recorded eleven more albums from till date. He is also a student of music maestro Prabhu Raj Dhakal.

Later, he gave many more hits to the Nepali music industry and has continued to do so. Another great benefit is the relaxation you get to do. Bhautari Raheko dhakatopi. Bhetna Man Lagyo dhakatopi.

Raharai raharma dhakatopi. Junima hunchu timi dhakatopi. He played guitar in the band.

Nabin is the rhythm guitarist in the band and band performed some concerts in the valley. Badnam Bhayechu dhakatopi. Pate michee michee dhakatopi.

He is pride to the nation and contributed a lot in Nepali music field. He has prooved to be the boon for the Nepali music.

He also believed that Music is a creation. Ali Alikati Pida Huda dhakatopi. His most recent album is Slok. He is also an avid reader and prefers non fiction to fiction. Shakne Chainau Malai dhakatopi.

8 Timeless Nabin K Bhattarai Songs You Can Never Get Enough Of

Your source for Entertainment articles, and the latest gossip. This accident happend in bhojpur. Jindagi Bageko Khola dhakatopi.

He is the inspirations for many new and upcoming artist. The band did a few concerts but disbanded quickly as everyone except Nabin left Nepal one by one either to pursue further studies or a successful career. When we come back we feel invigorated and we are happy to be back in our day to day routine.

However the band acted as the catalyst in his musical career. Sabhya Chau Timi dhakatopi. About Us Visit Official site. Shortly thereafter, he recorded his first song Aankhama Timilai which was an instant hit.

He is well known as both singer and composer. Aankhama Herain dhakatopi. Traveling increases our knowledge and widens our perspective. His best album till date is Aabash breaking many records in the history of modern music inNepal. The man with huge fan following was himself a fan of Pink Floyd and was highly inspired by his music although Nepali people loved him as a sentimental singer.

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The band did a few concerts, but was not a much popular one. Although, he no longer plays football, he still paints occasionally. Exclusive - We here provides you daily news is a national bulletin News that covers happenings in National, regional and International arena. Kasto Rahecha Bato dhakatopi.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Includes entertainment news, celebrities, programs, movies, celebrity gossip. He is pride to the nation and contributed a lot in Nepali music. He has also won several other awards and recognition afterwards. Ma maya laaudina dhakatopi.

However, the band acted as the catalyst to his musical career. Nabin K Bhattarai is considered to be the first real pop-star and unarguably one of the greatest pop singers of the country with an enormous fan following.

Later he contributed a lot in Nepali music. Ramjam sanjhama dhakatopi. His first ever award was Sajjan Smriti which was also followed by Chinnalata award.