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Make an interactive brochure Publish an magazine Page flip book software Make a yearbook Make a product catalog. Set custom information for the online flip book, including book name, website address, Email and details info.

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For each publication you can add a separated sound file in. It is safe to install and run. Free Download Free Download.

Touch support Run smoothly on nearly all the mainstream mobile tablets and smart phones. How can you imagine that you can do things as below while reading digitally?

You will own lots of sharing ways by simple publishing! Now I do not need to worry about the problem of compatibility any more. You can choose to publish the flipbook project to local or upload online, it is quite easy and convenient to share your digital flipbook via internet. Our customers have a lot to say about us We really value our customers and their opinions, we welcome feedback and act on feature requests.

How it works The PageFlip Firefly acts like a standard keyboard and works with any software that can read keyboard strokes to navigate through digital files. In other words, Gold users can enjoy the highest level using rights. Demos Created by Page Turning Software. Download and import free flip book themes for decoration. Engage customers who love to carry iPad, iPhone or Android tablets and who are comfortable with swipping, touching and tapping.

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In Pro Plan, users can enrich the jQuery flip book with inserting rich multimedia elements. There are two limitations in Professional Plan.

You will provide others with cool and new online social sharable stuff to bring others more pleasures. And it is an effective way to enhance the web site popularity. Your publications deserve the best presentation, charm your readers online has never been so easy!

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Flipping eBook Created by FlipHTML5

There are million of reasons to choose this page flip software. Try PowerMusic Software for superior sheet music display and annotation on Windows platforms. Just press the Mode Reset button on the rear of the pedal to restore the factory settings anytime. You can view the demo first! Also there is an option to set the auto play and the loop.

Enters sleep mode after minute inactivity period. It can become a reality by sharing them with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Different output types of page flipping book cater to different needs. Contact Us support anyflip. Preview pages thumbnails to go to interested page quickly. You could also email them with only simple clicks. Additional compatible iPad apps can be found here.

Musicians will, of course, prefer to tap the PageFlip Firefly, or a connected external pedal, with their foot rather than take their hands and their focus off their instruments. Demos Created by Page Flip Software. Do you want to share page flipping book online? Our software is free of any forms of malware or virus.

Stays connected to any digital flipping book you created. Also, you can add advanced action on multimedia. You can add video files inside your publication pages.

From tool bar to edited page, your brand is everywhere. Manage online flipping books easily Hide, delete, or share. Have a free trial now, you will get the power to create stunning flip books in minutes! AnyFlip Cloud is the leading cloud platform which delivers secure, high-performing user experiences to any device, jerusalem by the hoppers anywhere. Download our free Windows or Mac software to easily reprogram your device's pedal modes.

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Also, you can publish for iPad, iPhone, Android devices, etc. AnyFlip provides you with a brand new and powerful Bookcase that exhibits all your published online flipbooks in a nice looking showcase.

Building brand awareness means getting exposure for your brand and making sure that it is widely recognizable among your targeted audience. We do anything possible to ensure the greatest audience and share you these real time statistics and reports.

Creating an online publication is as easy as uploading a pdf file. Bluetooth If your computer does not have Bluetooth, no problem. One is not support Office file the other is to publish to local.

The pedal emits a keypress with each tap so any app that responds to a Bluetooth keyboard will also work with the PageFlip Firefly pedal. This is an excellent way to make your page an interactive experience.

Insert images to the flipbook pages define actions, like go to webpage, open pop-up images, create photo slide show etc. Shopping experience Boost your online E-commerce store with shopping experience publication. Add password to protect page flipping book, add hint for password acquirement a purchase link for password. This is a simple, no coding desktop tool for creating rich-media page turning publications for any marketing and presentation purposes. The pedal works with any software on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

Click navigational buttons to turn pages. Exact readers tracking by Google Analytics When you make online publications, you may wonder about your readers. It is great for hands-free triggering of app functions e. Manually define Tilt Angle or wheel mouse to change angle to view eBook pages. Unlimited publications, Secure and reliable hosting.

In fact, it also can be shared on the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Customized setting Fully customize your flipbook, include background, toolbar, brand logo, icon. Likewise, it means engaging your target market to ensure that people do not only know about your brand but also are interested in it.