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Star Days Sim Date is an ongoing dating simulation by Pacthesis. Vanni's picture when Pacthesis was determining which bachelor was most popular. It pairs on a variety named Saige who characters pacthesis games a whitewaterrocks time past of by her best practice's older brother and there gets stuck trees in the infamous. If the idea of playing a dating simulation even remotely appeals to you, we recommend giving Kingdom Days Sim Date a try along with other popular simulations such as.

  1. He appears in her dreams throughout the game.
  2. Ry seriously blames himself for her death.
  3. Edit Wonderland Days, based on the classic story Alice in Wonderland was released near the end of March Also, the references are hilarious.
  4. In terms of graphics, Kingdom Days Sim Date gets high marks.

The player character is Ai a renamable character who will bump into either Kai, Haru, or Daichi. He suffers from seasickness and is part of the Constellations Crew. It turns out that Nathan is a clock maker and invites you over to his shop. While she is waiting for Noah, she sensed a person who jumped in a hole. But right now, understandably, she is busy with life and has been on a hiatus for almost two years.

Play it however you wish the first time around. Once you don your fuchsia dress, you're ready to go. Well, Chrono Days is kind of like that compared to my latest sim dates.

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Underneath the box, he has grey hair, and dusty aqua eyes. He was the third person to join The Constellations Crew after meeting Ry when the crew made a stop on Neptune. Their families were very close, and although he never really loved her in a romantic way, Quoto proposed to make them happy. Left is present, right is past.

She is tough on the outside but really soft and delicate on the inside. Choosing the right gift may reward you with something sweet at the end of a date and bring you one step closer to your happy, fairy tale ending. However, sample personality profile she died before their wedding.

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He's my first handicap character for he was born without hands. For instance, visiting the Blacksmith allows you to talk to Daniel. After a few years of hiatus, Pacthesis released a demo of the game and announced the release date for Spring March, April or May. He has cancer and dies early on in the game. So just don't unlock her if you're scared of girl love.

To counter this, the player must go to another room and then return to the bathroom. He seems quiet and apathetic but cares about the safety and success of the crew more than anyone. When you arrive at the lab, am i dating a Landon asks you if you would like to be the first person to try out his time jumper. She died of shock after hearing that he tried to take his own life. Toko will give you game hints and maybe even help you unlock something special later on.

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It's time to channel your inner princess in Kingdom Days Sim Date. With witty dialogue and thematic jokes to boot, Kingdom Days Sim Date isn't just your ordinary otome game. Of course, it's up to you whether or not you'll be trying out the reply options but in general, the text is refreshingly amusing. Of course you can rename her to anything you want. As a former orphan, he likes to visit the local orphanage to help out.

His crush on the player character is mentioned by multiple other characters, including himself, even if the player never starts a relationship with him. From a culture where faces are reserved for the sight of a lover. Your elf friend Lewis happens to be a servant employed by your new royal family and, as expected, you two become close over the years. Mag searching for a man named Key who sacrificed himself for Mag when they were escaping their war-torn planet.

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He was raised by his two mothers in the country. Currently his whereabouts are unknown. After some talk, he gives you his time jumper so that you'll be able to travel back and forth through the eras normally. One day, something strange happened and she found the book.

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He is a well known news anchor on his home planet. Saige is her default name. Newer Post Older Post Home. He was raised in an orphanage, vegas and likes to sing.

Vanni's family was killed by a man named Yavis. Ry is searching for his mother. Talented at sewing, freaks out at random small occurrences. To use the cheats, the player must enter the bathroom and click on the toilet. In this game, you must discover the secrets of the mysterious numbers on your phone but try not to let your battery life run out!

  • Actually, she's not even human.
  • Though it lacks the bells and whistles that come with high budget otome games, it's hard to beat the game's candid humor.
  • There are many fantasy-themed areas to explore such as a Blacksmith, The Witch's Cottage, a mysterious Forest and a Windmill.
  • We love how the protagonist ditches being a helpless princess and shows some sass by speaking her mind.
  • Toko starts having fun with poor Teddy Xolga but stops when he finds a round pendant by his feet.

She improved a lot over time and was able to create her only non-dating sim adventure Xolga and Mr. Date Game Play romantic dating sim games. Complete of these skeptics pacthesis games as dates in stores ago from Will who works in the boundary fast food produce McDonalds. It really puts too much stress on me when I make sim dates in less then months.

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Pacthesis Sim Date Games

Toko be able to return to their original bodies? The sound files even after compression would make the game size way too big. Toko has suffered the same fate! Want to know more about the game? He offers for you to stay at his shop for the time being and you agree.

You can opt to win a guy over or even decide to finish the game as a single gal. They will just be running shops though. Not every move you make is created equal as some costs more than the others. It also helps that the mouse-based mechanics are easy to grasp even for new dating sim players.

He likes to build things and he's a pilot. He's the angry, angst character if you couldn't tell. His hair is blond at the beginning of the game, nerd singles dating but he dyes it later. There's no need to take down notes though as the game displays this quite clearly together with the type of action.

Update NEW CHARACTERS) Chrono Days Sim Date Info

Star Days Sim Date

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