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Partap had openly criticized Bhindranwale for stocking arms and ammunition in the Akal Takht. Various assassination attempts have been made on retired General Kuldip Singh Brar but fortunately he has been saved from all of those. Tanks and heavy artillery were used to attack the militants, who responded with anti-tank and machine-gun fire from the heavily fortified Akal Takht.

Very hard to believe those fig Ok, having read this book I feel it does give a somewhat accurate account of events that took place from an Indian military point of view. Any siege under these circumstances would have been long and difficult. The soldiers began taking control of the city of Amritsar from the paramilitary.

Operation Blue Star The True Story

The practices of the Sant Nirankari sect were considered heretical to the orthodox Sikhism expounded by Bhindranwale. The decision to launch the attack rested with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Further, the sanctity of the Golden temple provided protection from arrests by the security forces, who avoided entering the Temple premises so as not to offend the religious sentiments of the Sikhs. In addition, seven editors and seven news hawkers and newsagents were killed in a planned attack on the freedom of media house, to cripple it financially. The border pickets were held in at least company strength.

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If nothing else it shows that the ordinary soldiers who took part in the operation were caught between a rock and a hard place and showed utmost courage in the face of adversities. Punjab Police had to provide protection for the entire distribution staff, and scenes of armed policemen escorting news hawkers on their morning rounds became common. Crawling was impossible as Shabeg Singh had placed light machine guns nine or ten inches above the ground. An arsenal had been created within the Akal Takht over a period of several months. The History of the World's Largest Democracy illustrated, reprint ed.

Des Although this book gave me a military perspective of the operation that most did not know, I find the author's view of the whole operation very defensive, one-sided and borderline biased. Military operation details are given very nicely, sardar ali takkar best mp3 songs maps make it easy to understand.

These separatists were led by Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and former Maj. The book explained the entire operation in its granularity and also the aftermath of Operation Blue Star.

Case Studies in Asymmetric Conflict Illustrated ed. Sikh nationalism and identity in a global age. General Shabeg was always religious and had only cut his hair when he was with Mukti Bahini. The widespread killing of Sikhs, principally in the national capital Delhi but also in other major cities in North India, led to major divisions between the Sikh community and the Indian Government.

And while taking us through every aspect of the pre- and post-battle details, he has also tried to quash many myths, answer various questions, and nullify many-a-rumors. Analysis from different perspectives.

This book does not talk about all these things. They attacked Hindus, derailed trains, and hijacked an Air India plane. Also the author blames them for intelligence failure when he should not have depended on them for the same given the ground realities. Ajanta Publishers, New Delhi, India. In addition, the Army carried out Operation Woodrose, in which units were deployed to the border areas, replacing the pickets routinely held by the paramilitary Border Security Force.

Later the remaining five policemen who were still alive were also released, but their weapons, including three sten guns and a wireless set, were not returned. We must salute our soldiers for their unflinching obedience and spectacular discipline in the face of heavy odds. Converting the house of god into an arsenal and store heavy artillery, ammunition and to conduct misdeeds from there is not at all acceptable under any principles. Some of the facts need verification and are shrouded with mystery.

This operation led to numerous casualties among the militants, army, and even civilians. Punjab turns out to be in total chaos, as Bhindranwales comrades spread violence and cause blood sheds. The entire Akal Takht had been converted into a large reinforced pillbox with weapons pointing in all directions.

Operation Blue Star

The sacrifice made thereof by these brave men, is accounted for in a blow-by-blow account of what went on during those ten days of the operation. Despite this, the book gives me another side to what I have previously heard about Operation Blue Star that challenges the conventional wisdom that I have had all this while. She was apparently led to believe and had assumed that Operation Blue Star would not involve any civilian casualties.

There were casualties among the Army, civilians, and militants. There were high civilian casualties as well, since militants used pilgrims trapped inside the temple as human shields. The militants skinned one of them alive, strapped explosives on to his body, and blew him up while throwing him from the upper floor of the Akal Takht. Christian Science Monitor.

This book is one sided and story of how army operated Blue Star, but it does not clears view of Sant Bhinderanwala and issues of common man of sikh community. Gandhi's Last Battle e-book ed. The Army could not have fired upon these civilians. Dialogues with Sikh Militants.

But the Government white paper stipulates that only soldiers lost their lives and approx injured. Two Junior Commissioned Officers of the Army were captured by the militants during the fight and were subjected to torture and then murdered. The author begins by providing a brief introduction to the Punjab scenario which culminated in this brutal assault. This is just a on ground account of those fateful days when the military operation took place.

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However, the Madras and Garhwal troops under Brigadier A. Technical details of the operation were presented in a well defined manner.

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The modern weapons later found inside the temple complex indicated that foreign elements were involved. Even self-defence from the militants was made difficult. No foreign correspondent is being allowed into Punjab now. As the title says, this book really puts you through the real truth of the incident. General Vaidya, assisted by Lt.

The Army withdrew from Harmandir Sahib later in under pressure from Sikh demands. The violence rose to its peak in the months before Operation Blue Star and the Golden Temple was allegedly being defiled with weapons. Six fully armed policemen were captured and taken inside.


Operation Blue Star The True Story

The book is the one of the best chronicles of the sensational military operation in the annals of India. They had worked together in the Bangladesh operations. While some managed to escape to Pakistan, most were rounded up by men of Rajputana Rifles. This book is written by Lt Gen K.