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For the best experience, use the latest version of any operating system. To view release notes, see Release notes. Note that some of these folders may not be present.

Support has ended for Office for Mac 2011

Support has ended for Office for Mac - Office Support

However, going to the cloud is a journey, and our customers may be in different stages of that journey. What are the system requirements for running Office on Mac? What to try if you can't install or activate Office for Mac? This includes information about system requirements, language support, and new features.

Pay annually Continue with monthly plan. What's new in Microsoft Intune. Can I install Office on a computer that already has an older version of Office on it?

However, we recognize that some customers can't move to the cloud in the near term. Office for Mac uses the Apple Installer technology for installation. However, you could expose yourself to serious and potentially harmful security risks. The table is ordered by release date, with the most recent release date listed first. It is a one-time purchase that does not receive feature updates.

Office for Mac Office for Mac

But, if you deploy Office for Mac for your users, you have more control over the deployment, including which users get Office for Mac and when. Office suite with Teams Office suite without Teams. This update package is bit. How do I download Office for Mac volume license products? Microsoft offers simple and cost-effective solutions for multilingual environments.

Click the back arrow to go back to the Library folder and open Group Containers. Should I install the bit or bit version of Office? We provide third-party contact and website information to help you find technical support.

The following table lists the most current packages for the Office suite and for the individual applications. To plan your deployment, review the following information. What support comes with Office for Mac?

Full system requirements for Office are available here. But, you could expose yourself to serious and potentially harmful security risks.

Important There are changes in Office for Mac to improve security, including implementing Apple app sandboxing guidelines. How do I activate Office for my organization? For more information, see the following frequently asked questions.

One solution for you and your family across all your devices. This includes hybrid and on-premises. If you have an Office plan, you can provide your users with instructions on how to download and install Office for Mac for themselves.

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Calls to mobiles are for select countries only. How do I download Office volume license products on Windows? When will consumer versions of Office be available? To use Office for Mac, it needs to be activated. It includes the most productive, secure, and up-to-date features.

For many customers, Office is the way to go. Bosna i Hercegovina - Hrvatski. That means you can use the software distribution tools that you normally use to deploy software to Mac users. This change prevents Excel from starting. For more information, see Microsoft Teams installations on a Mac.

Moving to the cloud is a journey with many considerations along the way. To install Office for Mac, a user has to be administrator on the Mac or know an administrator account name and password. This makes sure all applications are always up to date. The install package is used if you don't have the application already installed, while the update package is used to update an existing installation.

The following table provides release history information and download links for Office for Mac. If you're a volume licensed customer, you can upgrade to Office for Mac without uninstalling Office for Mac. How should a customer choose the most appropriate version of Office for their specific scenario? For more information about how to add languages, see here.

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Office for Mac Office for Mac

Office Online Use Office Online to collaborate with friends and family on shared projects. Office for Windows features.

Commercial and consumer customers can now purchase Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac. It also remains available as a free download from the Apple App Store. Third-party information disclaimer The third-party products that this article discusses are manufactured by companies that are independent of Microsoft. If you need to go back to Office for Mac after you've upgraded, follow these steps. Although updates for Office are made available through the Internet, they can be hosted on-premises for disconnected networks.

Even though you can't customize app bundles, you can configure preferences for each app. Did this solve your problem? What are the feature differences between Office for Mac and Office for Mac? Why is Microsoft offering Office when it has shifted its strategy to Office in the cloud?

Before you deploy, review the information about what's new for admins in Office for Mac. Whichever deployment method you decide to use, the following information can help you plan your Office for Mac deployment. Office applications don't receive feature updates but do receive regular security and stability updates. To download an update manually, ip mask see Install Office updates. Access to additional OneNote features features vary.

One solution for you across all your devices. The essentials for individuals to get it all done.

Was this information helpful? The same installer package is used for Office for Mac and Office for Mac. You should back up these folders before you delete them. Upgrade to the latest version. You can install language accessory packs after you install Office to add additional display, help, or proofing tools.