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My husband cheated on me when we were dating, would you date someone if they were unemployed?

Would you date someone if they were unemployed?

Try to think of a time that you've done something that hurt someone you care about and regretted it. And by the way, there was no real heartfelt proposal, engagement, etc. We got married three months after that. You are probably in shock right now and very angry, but maybe he did only cheat the once and maybe he does love you so much that his guilty conscience made him tell you. Whatever decision you make, i hope it's the right one for you.

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He proposed to me two months after their date. It's really killing my self-esteem every time I picture them. There was no sex in the marriage for the first three years. There's no question you can ask or detail you can know that's going to make it go away.

You must get therapy together and talk about your history. This first year has been marvellous, we moved to a new country and have a new great life there. He didn't come clean on his own.

He is a loving, attentive husband and father, we have a great sex life, he tells me I'm beautiful all the time, etc. Husband cheated while dating, euky bearub online dating stay or leave? You need to put this behind you so that you and your husband can focus on having a happy future together.

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How long do you plan on rubbing his nose in it until you feel satisfied and can move on? You need a third party to help you figure out whether you both want to stay married. It's a big step and from various posts i've read on these boards by other women its a very rough road and you may forgive him, but the trust is very rarely ever regained. It doesn't have to be cheating, just anything. Am I making this a bigger issue than it is?

Am I right to be upset about this, or since it was before we were married should I just forget about it? He is an open book, I have no worries about his faithfulness. Can he really break the habit now that we're married? Or that she was hotter than me, she was the one who got away, the one he always lusted after.

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So I called her - and asked why she and he were chatting secretly. If it were me, I'd probably build it up to be a way bigger deal than it really was in terms of things like, imagining she was super-model hot and that it was the best sex he ever had, etc. Yes, you should be concerned about this, especially since you both were supposed to be exclusive.

Keep that in mind as you start counseling. It doesn't matter whether he's had one fling or dozens, it's all about how you feel about him. You can't stay married to preserve a perfect home if that perfect home never existed to begin with. Is he feeling guilty and just wanted it off his chest? Not until just recently did we start having sex again.

People can change and his cheating days might be in the past, but you still have to address what happened years ago. He says a lot of the right things he's good with words like that.

What's done is done and there's nothing that can change that. You just discovered this old cheat, but your relationship has been plagued with trust issues for years. But, I think if he cared enough to email her and see her as recently as a few months ago, it's a big deal. He was seemingly fine with it as he had never even slept with anyone before me. It was a one time thing, and they never contacted each other again as far as I know.

Now that he has told you, it is only natural for you to wonder if he had only cheated on you the once or has he done it other times. How long do you plan on making him pay for what he did when presumably you've told him you forgive him and are willing to move past this? If you had known, when you were dating, would you had continued the relationship?

The only thing that can lessen the pain is if you put it behind you and start moving forward. Now imagine that years later, that person keeps asking you for more details about that thing you did that hurt them.

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But in the back of my mind, I sometimes feel like he really liked her more than me, but since she wasn't available he settled for me. She has, let's just say a very large chest, whereas I have an average bust at best.