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The book was written by R K Narayan and he based the character of Rajam on his wife, john cena ringtone zedge whose name was also Rajam. He is one of the popular choreographers in Bollywood!

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Anyone that was part of the era and your memories? She had a wonderful streak in her academics as well and works for an airline company apparently Emirates, in Dubai. This girl is not Neeru Deshpande or any other girls claimed by various websites.

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India was as techno-savvy as it got! Her name is Shahinda Baig. But also it was Doordarshan era.

So finally this photo has been circulating recently. Most of them seemed to have stayed away from limelight, let us know if you know where they are, or if you are them! He is still active in the movie industry and behind the camera.

Lakdi Ki Kathi Poem VIDEO Song Tags

Lakdi Ki Kathi Poem VIDEO Song Tags

Kaththi Bgm Jukebox 100 Days Celebration Mp3

The director Shekhar Kapur tells the wonderful story about the scene. It was simple and sweet, like this serial. This suggestion is open for correction though. Apparently it is Vinod Kulkarni. There was only one television channel against perhaps the thousands we have today.

He had chocolate boy looks and definitely talent. Mainly because we agreed so much with Rasna girl.

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This has been my oldest and most visited post, thank you for visiting! The girl who was most known to us through the Colgate ad before Rangoli on Sunday morning. Urmila Matondkar went on to reinvent herself in the cult classic Rangeela.

And so I searched for him. Jugal Hansraj was a name anyone could have bet on.

He played supporting role with the likes of Dev Anand, most memorably in the movie Paying Guest. Although written in a different time, this portrayal of the character by director Shankar Nag, is a timeless classic. The actor who played Betaal is credited as Sajjan Kumar. Good to know her cuteness still remains unchanged. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Her name is Huzaan Khodaiji.

One source on the Internet claims that she is an ad executive in Lintas. This was a Marathi serial. According to the new information put up by Economic Times in their conversation with the Group Product Manager of Parle G company the above is not true. So really only a few of us watched this movie.

On retrospect there were other drinks that were equally or more tasty but most of our hearts were set on this drink that initially came only in the orange flavour. And the Rasna girl, she is Ankita Jhaveri and she is a popular actor in cinema down South. Although we had our own opinion on the actual biscuits, we have always wondered who the baby on the cover was.

His world was his friends, his family and what happened around it. Have you ever wondered who was the voice artist for Mowgli in the Hindi series? After which he left the limelight and currently works in Bangalore. He had the same worries and joys. Rasna was a must have drink in every home.