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For a lot of career, we were really struggling with trying to get people to avoid innuendo about sexuality and our sibling relationship. But it was really helpful. She is really devoted and dedicated to what she does. We had to actually go back to Greg and ask. For now, I really like being able to write songs and then give them to Tegan and have her fill in the holes.

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How Tegan and Sara Became Bona Fide Pop Stars

At the time, I absolutely, percent thought that she was right, and I felt it myself.

This album also explores queerness more than your other records have. What is there to say about her? Every human has a way of getting attention. In a weird way, it never occurred to me to write in that way.

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The duo has just released its gorgeous and complex fifth record, The Con Vapor Records. The sound on the tracks is pretty decent as well. At least, that's what she said in a recent interview. He want's to marry her one day.

Are tegan and sara dating anyone

Have you found that to be true? We were part of a handful of people who were really talking about it in the mainstream at that time. Our vocabulary and understanding of ourselves and the world around us has had an evolution as well. Has this influenced your sound at all?

Namely, is this the first Tegan and Sara album without a single guitar on it? She is not currently dating anyone.

Do you two share a stylist? What ever happened to the songs you worked on with Carly Rae Jepsen? It was really lovely to see that record have such a wonderful place in music. Some of them are songs that we ended up taking back in and are considering shopping around or using ourselves. This album continues the pop sound you introduced on Heartthrob, but it departs in a few radical ways.

Are either of you currently dating anyone? Has anyone ever accused you of using lesbianism as a gimmick? Canadian radio listeners voted you and Tegan as having the best hair of anyone in the Canadian indie-music scene. Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. What we did with her is definitely different.

Have you ever thought of doing anything solo, without your sister? Tegan can be very emotional and go for the heartstrings.

Do you consider this album to be more mature? So the record was written from two completely different perspectives. When we were writing the songs on the album, Tegan was doing a lot of traveling, meeting up with friends, drinking and partying, and she was single, so she was kind of behaving like a year-old. Tegan and I are just sisters who write songs who play in a band.

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The Con in many ways has a darker sound than some of your previous albums. We really think of ourselves as solo artists anyway. And guitars are just over for me. Tegan is a happy bachelor. Some of us tell jokes, some of us are shy, some of us are troublemakers.

Was I treating this person like my boyfriend? It sounds like a breakup song. They love string guitars and vintage gear. There are all sorts of ways people have learned to get positive and negative attention.

Sara Quin's Girlfriend

For some reason that felt safer. We knew during that entire process that she was working with so many people, and we had no idea what the record was going to ultimately sound like.

For more about Sara, lsm dating Tegan and The Con check out teganandsara. Where does sara the girlfriend of rikard from a vain attempt live. No Sara was not a prophet. What is the lyrics to Que Sara Sara?