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  • And, I must say, the pickguard is actually attractive.
  • For the most part serial numbers after are consecutive, and hence provide production numbers indicating the number of instruments produced.
  • Plus, with it being a semi-hollow body, it is very light and comfortable esp when standing up.
  • So many guitar history books are photographic coffee table books.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. All models, bumble dating app stamped in back top of peghead. There is one extra digit to many to show it as being in the Gibson series. This guitar has had a few modifications. The Epiphone number series is different than the A-series used on Gibson brand instruments of the same period.

The easiest way to tell the year of an Epiphone instrument is by its serial number. There is no way to fix this short of replacing the binding. They have a smaller body and less modern neck feel than later models, and are less collectable.

These models, along with Gibsons, are considered by most to be the best vintage factory-made archtop guitars produced. Serial numbers are from Jim Fisch, L. By the domestic Epiphone line had become an expensive redundancy and in August domestic Epiphone, including the Sheraton, hook production ceased. In Gibson was sold to new owners who then ceased the Japanese Matsumoku production and began electric guitar production By Samick in Korea. The number is on the back of tuning head.

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Mid-range and low-end models are generally regarded as student model instruments. Fred, Tom Wheeler, Walter Carter. Sheratons with New York pickups are worth the most, but not for sound. Obviously any production number conclusions drawn are based on the instruments Jim has recorded only. Number is ink stamped on the back of the peghead.

Because of this, electric archtop Epiphones are much less desirable, and are worth considerably less than fully acoustic archtop models. Private vintage guitar collector. From forward, the serial numbers were typed or stamped directly on the Epiphone label. Double cutaway thinbody electrics are the most highly sought after electric archtop models. Epiphone Electrics Search In.

Epiphone serial-number-information - identification

Epiphone Sheraton
Sheraton II - Korean Made vs The Rest

Epiphone Serial Number

My guitar is a beautiful natural maple front and sides with a big lump of pinkish wood inside and sounds absolutely great. The binding was made of celluloid, and glued in place with an Acetone based glue. These instruments were Epiphones in name only but the name itself proved to be a popular commodity on its own. Cherry red finish introduced this will remain the rarest Sheraton finish throughout Gibson's production period of the s.

Sunburst finish becomes more two-tone tobacco to amber. Usually they are located on the top rear of the peghead. The controls are pretty much standard fare, two volume and two tone controls, which are both very usable and respond well to use, along with a three way toggle switch. Binding on fretboard moves to outer edges no longer inset. New York-made electric archtops are interesting but generally are not as collectable as equivalent acoustic models.

Epiphone serial-number-information - identification

Epiphone sheraton ii dating
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On their low-end guitars, they used an assortment of different tuners. Pictures, history for epiphone vintage guitars. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. This site is published by Hitsquad Pty Ltd. Anyone else want to chip in? Later, productions was moved to Korea.

Les Paul once stated that he never played a bad Epiphone instrument, so I think you can trust them too! Fred have established an Epiphone serial number registry. The Frequensator tail piece was now replaced by a fixed stop bar.

Control of the company went to his brothers, Orphie and Frixo. Korean build manufactured up until at least however serial numbers changed to an all number type after. Either they have been inside the f-hole or stamped into the wood. Epiphone was the only banjo company to successfully switch to guitar production.

Sheraton II - Korean Made vs The Rest

Most hollowbody Epiphone electrics bring less than the equivalent Gibson models. You can be sure that I am cutting and pasting this into a text-based database, to serve as the initial seed for a growing database of Sheraton history. The problem is that the binding shrinks considerably with age, and can literial turn to dust.

By the brand name re-appeared on a line of very cheaply-made, Japanese imports. Epiphone's high end guitars, the elitist line, includes a Sheraton. Therefore, online dating sites new New York electric archtop Epiphones are worth considerably less than Gibsons of the same period. Hope you can find out more about these guitars. This stamp is also seen on the back of the peghead.

Electric archtop Epiphones are made from laminated woods. All second instruments are usually worth less than the same guitar that is not a second given condition as the same. As with Gibson solidbody guitars of the same period, the first digit of the serial number is the last digit of the year. Parts begin to change to Gibson-made parts. Are you sure that's the exact serial number?

  1. These varied considerably from guitar to guitar, year to year.
  2. Electric Archtop Epiphones.
  3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  4. Conn Company's a band instrument manufacturer Orphie got Epiphone distribution rights moved.
  5. It's an early Korean-made Sheraton.
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Epiphone Sheraton
Epiphone Serial Number

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Serial like to know when it was made. The Sheraton was fitted with a set glued-in neck, in accordance with Gibson's standard practice. Best Guitar Amp Attenuator Roundup. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The Riviera, though equal in playability and sound, melrose bickerstaff dating is not nearly as collectable. The stock of Epi-made necks ran out in late or early on most models.


Epiphone Serial Number (Guitarsite)

All in all the Hooker Sheratons are very nice guiitars with actual Gibson electronics and nitro-cellulose finishes. This has helped in the dating of old Epiphones, and has given a lot of information regarding production numbers. Obviously it has some shortcomings as it is just the sales for one music store. The most weird thing of all, is something that I discovered by accident. The blue of the Union Jack is darker than on Gallagher's guitar, and only features the Union Jack paintwork on the front, opposed to the whole of the body.

Is anyone able to date my Epiphone Sheraton? Solidbody electric Epiphones with New York pickups are interesting to collectors, but not for their sound. By the Pre-Gibson Epiphone parts supply was dwindling but because the model had proved popular. This line included a Sheraton model.

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