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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Farhan changes the backdrop and the background and yet manages to keep the original sequences and lines.

De Silva asks Vijay to find a computer disc containing details about the drug cartel and bring it to him. It looks made up, it doesn't come natural to him at all.

Khan, Chopra, and Rampal underwent extensive martial arts training from an expert from the Shaolin Temple. The director said that Roshan's innocence was not right for the role, and instead cast Shah Rukh Khan for the part that had been portrayed by Amitabh Bachchan in the film.

Later, Jasjit engages in combat with Vijay but Deepu interrupts him, telling him about Vijay, who has been his guardian in Jasjit's absence. An page comic book was published and copies were given for free in multiplexes along with the tickets of the film. The director later bought the rights and conceived his adaptation as an homage to the original film and its cast and crew, and to the s era in general. It was the first Multiplayer online game launched for any Bollywood film.

Don Theatrical release poster. When Vijay finds it, Roma attempts to kill him, but De Silva intervenes and tells her about his plan and Don's real identity and she agrees to help him. Theatrical release poster. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Being a remake of an iconic film, and the starcast involved, Don was one of the most anticipated films of the year. In order to suit the modern sensibility, several changes were introduced. Later Vijay informs De Silva that the entire gang is going to assemble at one place. So today, when you adapt it, it fits very easily into a contemporary space.

Vijay is acquitted, and Roma confesses her love for Vijay when he is about to be taken to the hospital. British Board of Film Classification. Principal photography commenced in February in central Mumbai. Don is injured and falls into a coma while trying to flee from the police.

Himesh Reshammiya Mithoon. Additional filming was done in Singapore. Meanwhile, Jasjit enters De Silva's apartment to wait for him and finds the disc. He kept the basic plot but introduced some changes that included an international setting and a different ending.

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This was Mohanan's first Hindi film as a film cinematographer. He enacts the evil character with flourish. When he offered the role to her, she was excited to play the character and immediately agreed to do the film.

Ashok Gilwani gives him scars identical to Don's. After Vijay's operation, Don had gotten up from the room at a moment when Vardhan and Dr. It is also revealed that the disc Don had given to the police was fake. In the process, Kamini is killed and Don escapes.

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Vijay escapes and meets with Roma to recover the disc and prove his innocence. Mohanan to handle the cinematography after having been impressed by his work in documentaries and commercials. And, he thought so because of the narration, dialogue and the writing style, which he thought was very modern even for its time. He had switched places with Vijay and taken Vijay off life support, causing him to die.

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Vijay, posing as Don, joins the gang in Kuala Lumpur. He receives a phone call saying that if he wants to see his son again, he will have to bring the disc to the men who are holding Deepu hostage.

Jasjit arranges a meeting with Vardhan, but the trio has informed the Interpol. Films produced by Ritesh Sidhwani.

Akhtar changed a number of aspects of the climax as he felt the original ending was outdated for today's audiences. While in the hospital, Don had recovered quickly from his injuries and had overheard Vardhan's conversation with Vijay. He co-wrote the screenplay with his father, Javed Akhtar, who had also written the original script with Salim Khan. Having discovered his true identity, Don's associates turn against Vijay and the group engages in a fight.

He plans to kill De Silva to avenge his own wife's death. When Don suddenly dies, the masquerade begins.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Don Movies. This was Chopra's first action role, and she was excited to the part, orange telugu movie songs ziddu so she wanted to do all the stunts by herself.

Vijay hands over the disc to De Silva. She made a conscious effort to give her own look and style to the character. Jasjit teams up with Vijay and Roma and shares information about Vardhan's real identity. De Silva finds a look-alike named Vijay also Shah Rukh Khan and asks him to join his mission to the police that can get close to Singhania. Ashok were absent and gone to the room where Vijay lay.

Don realizes, however, that the police does not know his gun is empty and uses this to outsmart them. Planning to avenge her brother and brother-in-law, Roma Priyanka Chopra infiltrates Don's gang. Javed Akhtar Farhan Akhtar.

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Ritesh Sidhwani Farhan Akhtar. He takes Kamini hostage and gags her so that it seems like the gun is loaded.

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