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Se presentan dos visiones de un mito perdido acerca de Bochica, free dating sim deviantart emoticons una figura preponderante en la cultura Muisca dentro del altiplano cundiboyacense colombiano. The author runs with shipping into Colombia. La prehistoria de la raza. Se proyecta entonces como parte del patrimonio audiovisual colombiano y como pieza urbana de video arte.

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About the author Son of my parents and father of my three old son. The project would develop in the months of November and December of the present year, primarily as an ethnographic research into the interior of Andean ritual celebrations. Those crowdfunders non Colombians have to run themselves with shipping costs.

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El canasto perdido de Bochica. Babel Times is an audiovisual project directed to people interested in cultural exchange and knowledge of the diversity of resources for human well-being. To make this, I use a research line exposed in current scientific scene in Colombia. Currently I am finding fullness in the silence, and in the evolution of a method that enables us to dawn forces of beautiful and fair in paradoxes. Babel Times es un proyecto audiovisual dirigido a personas interesadas en el intercambio cultural y en el conocimiento de la diversidad de recursos para el bienestar humano.

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