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DIY birdbath

The color came out perfect! Thank you as well for the memories and teachings of your master Osho. He was in a family business with his two brothers and it was fiscally sound but emotionally bankrupt. Marilyn, you have my sincere sympathies.

The idea of God in anthropomorphic sense was not accepted, as it showed a conditioning of the mind, that see things as though we anthropomorphic entities. You are a prime example of what Mr. That night moments passed like the peeling of skin. Other than birthing my two daughters, I found writing the book was just a delight. When I first heard about the ashram, I was told they practiced the most cathartic meditation technique in the movement.

The spiritual rebels will certainly be in the minority. The delicate notes of the flute heralding the final stage of Dynamic Meditation brought the first awareness of that inner sky to me. The music caressed more movements out of my still pool of exhaustion until I was able to lift my heavy, blindfolded head. Every time I mention it nobody wants it, so it appears that Jesus was right, few will be picked.

Yours looks deeper than that? The year will come and soon be forgotten in as we advance deeper into a century of revolution and upheaval.

DIY Birdbath made from a candlestick

The answer to averting the tribulations to come may arise out of each individual understanding and transcending the problem he or she has become. By Pope Francis, Nostradamus, St. Meditation is something I have felt a strong pull toward and I have put myself down internally for not following thru.

Arab Spring becomes Arab Fall? The Enlightened One reduced to enlightened once.

Looks like something you would buy in a trendy shop. Hope the money you bring in makes it worth all the hassle. Brilliance is allways undermind by the intel hat produces it. Fear had become his bedmate, denial, the sheets. Hi Gail- Just love the birdbath.

When I started out, the business world was not as open to women as it is now. Did you know it this easy to change up thrift store or yard sale vases? Loved your birdbath so much i made one for myself. It is so addicting to me to sit down, so I take a few minutes to have a cup of tea and do some deep breathing, and then I go to the computer.

Noah s Ark Of Consciousness

When roots of silence sink where I sit so still soaking earth softly. It is as much a death as a delight. It was more than a friend, it was a beloved. What has happened this time is that all the ideals have failed and there is no more any substitute. Jesus was Crucified, Muhammad was poisoned as was Buddha.

Then he institutionalized your religion, melding it as part of his pagan monotheisitic religion called Sol Invictus. Plythagoras burned alive with his disciples and the Sufi mystic al-Hillaj Mansour was cut to pieces bit by bit as he laughed. For weeks after that event, I was treated with disgust and fear as some kind of thing.

Noah s Ark Of Consciousness

What if the mystery goes deeper? The change came when I left family therapy and the world of psychology to go into the business world. No matter how high the Rapture carries you into the clouds, no matter how many Himalayan mountains you pull over your head to escape the disasters, the problem comes along for the ride. We blew our noses and blindfolded ourselves, macro flash digging bare feet into the cold cement floor. The third gong brings on a ten-minute hop of heaven-hell.

His techniques are timeless. Cancer patients would like to escape the only therapies that might possibly save them, but if they chooses to fight for life, painful chemotherapy or radiation will be risked. The time is ripe, the time has come for it. These techniques themselves, however, are not true meditation, nor are all those so-called spiritual experiences one has through being still and silent. Gonna keep my eyes out now for a good base.

Leadership and Asking Deep Questions

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Still, the essential facticity of my being was hidden. It still sits in my flower bed all these years later!

DIY Birdbath made from a candlestick

As I understand it, meditation is not religion. That had a tremendous impact on me. Your email is never published nor shared.

It can happen at any moment. This is supposed to build up the energy that can help you release the flame of pent-up repressions. The role of God in transformation of old world to new world. They can help, they can hold your hand, they can indicate what you have to do, but the pain of giving birth to yourself is encountered alone. As he is right now he is already outdated.