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The map has suffered considerable yellowing due to exposure to natural light, so it must have been on display for many years. It was hung on a wall with a window to the right of the map, as the yellowing of the map is far more extensive to the right hand side than to the left. Condition There is much life recorded on the surface of this map, as the ink splashes at the bottom of the map testify.

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It is important to realise that Bacon overlaid many of the new London developments over the top of the Weller and Dower plates. It seems likely that Bacon would have had a number of workers involved in hand colouring the individual sheets, so variations in colouring and accuracy to detail would be expected.

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Variations In The Hand Colouring The paper sections of this map have been individually hand coloured prior to the map being mounted onto linen. There are many other examples of this inconsistency throughout the map. Largest and best published. This map originates from a large scale map of London compiled and engraved by Edward Weller F. It now seems likely that Bacon was issuing the Weekly Dispatch map as individual sheets as early as from his premises at Strand.

Variations in attention to detail and hand colouring and are evident in the map displayed here, and the individual sections certainly suggest different hands at work on the hand colouring process. Perhaps it was simply displayed because it is an attractive item, or because it reminded someone of home? Hand-coloured map, dissected and mounted on linen.

While it was on display many items were pinned over top of the map, resulting in uneven patchwork discolouration to the paper upon which the map is printed. It is intriguing to speculate about what this map may have been used for in its working like. Individual map sheets could also be purchased, beli film korea online dating presumably hand-coloured to suit specific customer requirements.

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Dating was carried out by identification and interpretation of the following London developments shown on the map. The work was undertaken by John Dower F. It was while he was at Strand that Bacon first published his copy of the Weller map displayed above.