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Barriers start to break after about a month and a half of the hook up phase. At this point, it can be considered strange if you are still battling random people of your same sex for a position in his snapchat top three. This initiates the constant texting and snapchatting phase.

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If they are both going out, texts will be exchanged throughout the night until they find a common location that both of their groups of friends would like to go. Breakfast will start to become the norm. Then he is looking through her pictures to try and gather which bars she goes to so that he can stage a run in with the alcohol induced courage he does not have in class. Like Im thinking of just talking about it with no pressure just to understand her thinking about the whole topic, and what her desire is. Good conservations mean that the two people have a new friend at the very least.

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Meeting girls behind the comfort of a screen seems a lot easier for him than turning around and talking to you. Once you are official, your first fight will probably be over the very same selfies that brought you together. Sending a snapchat is an in-between. What is more common is that numbers will be exchanged, and once numbers are exchanged the hook up phase can be initiated.

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If breakfast goes well, the two will hook up a few more times. Photo Credit Once numbers have been exchanged, the two people now have the platform to text, and texting is the tool to real-live meet ups.

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If it does, hello my fellow millennial. This is a trial run for how the two can interact soberly in a real-life setting.

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It is full of bar meet ups and snapchat selfies. Once they have both arrived in said location, one of the two will hopefully be intoxicated enough to directly approach the other. This may be preserved for the next time that they meet up.

The hook-up phase, if it lasts long enough, seems to dictate whether two people are right for one another in the dating sense. Millennials can agree that dating is a word that needs analysis in and of itself. For the purposes of the here and now, who is dallas green dating we will go with definition number one of dating- the definition that holds enough weight to change your Facebook relationship status. Dating to me refers to two people who hang out exclusively with one another.

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She is fun and we get along pretty well. What are you hiding from me? The guy and girl have gone home with one another probably about once a week, and texting is finally starting to feel a lot less aggressive and far more welcome. He is sifting through their mutual friends seeing if they have a common link. Once two people have been hooking up for long enough, expectations begin to lace themselves into their interactions.

So your phones and a couple of drinks are the crutches we rely on to get from Point A of singledom to Point B of dating. If this is not the case, a month and a half is about the time it takes for the two people to realize they really are not interested in one another. Whatever it is, I hope for their sake that it is not as exhausting as the three month plan, but only time will tell.

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It is a long somewhat complicated journey, and the two have probably genuinely liked one another since day one. True personalities start to come out and interactions are increased to perhaps breakfast the next morning.

Whether they ended up going home together or not, they will more than likely not text for a week or two post bar interactions. Once a good conversation has been initiated between the guy and girl, the friends are discarded and ignored.

An occasional Snapchat might be sent between the two. This is because eye contact is now a minor version of the plague- avoid it at all costs and use your phone as a shield. They will most likely stop sending that weekly text trying to figure out where the other person is going that night. Texting is still kept to a minimum at this phase.