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This later production of clay pipes ended with the closing of Peterson's London Shop in the late s or early s. The results were immediately very gratifying. The small attic studio where he used to paint was the ideal place to begin this new experience.

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  • How can a pipe insure that the tobacco being smoked will taste better in that one over another?
  • So, anyone venture a guess as to what I have here?

One of these fellows, David Field, arrived at our workshop in and volunteered to become the importer of Becker Pipes. From the shaping and finishing of the bowl to the stem and silverwork, Becker pipes are made by one man. Thus, the great partnership, Fritz Becker and Giorgio Musico began, a partnership that continues today between their sons, Paolo Becker and Massimo Musico who, together, made Becker and Musico pipes.

However, now that it's possible, I'm sure it will prove highly satisfying. And all of the markings appear mutually contradictory. Pipe smokers and collectors rarely judge these pipes with a truly critical eye.

Where and when did this adventure begin? So for a guide we must take into consideration the style of lettering Peterson used on their pipes. While not perfect you can read the stamps quite well and see the details that I mentioned above.

The finished pipe is shown in the photos below. These particular pipes can only be said to date between and the present, and were stamped as such for shipment to the different countries involved in the conference. While the pipes are either smooth or sandblasted, their features remain rather constant.

They all raised to the surface and a bit of sanding smoothed out the damage. Instead, he would grace a shank with a delicate wafer of boxwood or silver. Once again, we were greeted with another success. Peterson orders these bands by the thousands and sends them to the assay office for hallmarking. The letter P in Peterson's is clearly the early forked P with the curl in the fat part of the P.

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He took refuge in Yugoslavia until he was able to reach Southern Italy once it had been liberated by the Allies. Figuring out the history of my pipes is a matter of simple curiosity to know more about them, so you won't upset me if you say it's a totally unremarkable piece. It does seem that all later pipes have a step in the tenon, but I have seen pipes that were clearly Haymarket era both ways. The following are based on left and right as seen from the smoker's perspective with pipe in mouth. Meanwhile Paolo, and Fritz before him leave a wonderful body of work to be explored on the Estate market, as well as through various photographs and essays.


  1. In another of Peterson's remarkable inventions became available, the Peterson-Lip P-Lip mouthpiece, also known as the Steck mouthpiece.
  2. If the conversation gets going here, perhaps we can talk more about our various pipes and try to figure out their backgrounds.
  3. The years of these changes in the metal ferrule shape are, we are sure, lost to the ages.
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In the case of Extra Grain, Straight Grain and Special Grain pipes, there was no shape name on the underside of the shank. This larger radius gradually? Musico owned a major pipe shop in Rome and began selling Becker pipes. The Republic Era is from until the present. Having found this article made me curious to figure out the approximate dates of my regular Petersons.

Bowls are often standard and set against a very delicate, pencil shank or have the transition turned to a very small diameter around the airway like a Victorian lady's dress. He was happy to discover that his interests became my interests. Now to be quite clear about this, I buy pipes for the joy of smoking them, and I buy what appeals to my eye and hand, and what I think will be comfortable in my mouth. With the bowl clean I used a grit micromesh sanding pad to smooth out the rim and take off the carbon buildup on top. Newer Post Older Post Home.

However, there will not be too many of these missed stamped pipes. Think of these pipes as transition period Barlings, best way to message someone ok but nowhere near up to previous standards. How did you reach the American market? Your two-digit pipe shape is consistent with a Haymarket pipe. The metal ferrules on Peterson clay pipes during the Patent Era are angular while their clay pipes of World War Two will have the bend shape as do most of the Peterson pipes from then until now.

Giorgio is one of the greatest experts in the field and has an extraordinary ability to entertain customers. Over the years, we have become very close and I now consider him a brother. This one is an older Loewe and Company graceful and diminutive pipe.

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Peterson Cherry Wood pipes were offered with or without a meerschaum lining. It also worked to take off the scratches in the briar. However, the Peterson pipes we have and have seen with silver dates of and generally do not have this fourth mark. He was born into a Jewish Family in Vienna and had to flee from Austria during the racial persecution.

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Dating by Series Dating by series or numbers is an area in which we are having a difficult time of establishing. However, the first couple of millennia of Irish history have no relevance to this dating guide. As with everything pertaining to the dating of Peterson pipes, this method can only give us a hint to the age of the pipe but it is better than nothing at all.

Loewe is my favorite pipe maker. In addition to his artistic pursuits, he was the Representative to the Vatican from the World Jewish Congress, an estimable position roughly equivalent to an ambassadorship. Almost rubbery, like Charatan Double Comfort stems, or for a modern comparison, like the very soft ebonite Dolly Wood cuts Ferndown stems from. Becker pipes are difficult to categorize into a stylistic or aesthetic camp.

These turn up more frequently and you see them on eBay from time to time. The colour of the stain was a perfect match to the colour of the stain on the bowl. For pipes shipped to all other countries, lesbian dating Peterson still uses the old style hallmarks.

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The shape of the metal ferrule on Peterson pipes with the military mount will give you some hint though not a precise date. Paolo Becker takes his time before answering. Musico soon realized that the father and son team that made the Becker pipe, oykus online dating was producing something truly special.

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