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Gemini Man Leo Woman Compatibility
Leo Woman Gemini Man - Match Can Be Excitingly Attractive

The Qualities

Non the less an almighty man who is falling in love with an almighty woman. Another hardship about our relationship was how he kept me separate from many aspects of his life and often kept secrets about partying and about his social life. He's lovely but he is def a fllirt and has a wandering eye.

We can talk for hours and it's never awkward, which I love because as a Leo, not many can impress us in a conversation. At the moment I am talking witha Leo man and he seems really sweet so far except that I kinda find him abit bigheaded! My sister is a leo, list of dating tiger and in general.

Gemini Woman Leo Man - A Happy Intelligent Match

Gemini man and Leo woman

We make each other laugh and there is never a dull moment between us which is a plus to me. Then, she backed out and now I hardly hear from her, dating the reason that she gave me was that she is not ready to have any feelings at the moment. He also gave me a lot of attention and admiration and he scored a lot of points with that too.

For all the joy that physical and sexual contact provides, he is still an intellectual at heart, and stimulating conversation is extremely attractive to him. He has never been able to keep up with me sexually, but I do not care. But I still love you, free asian dating in i guess that how you keep your fire burning or something.

Whether in business or pleasure, this relationship is an excellent match. He changed me so much for the better and helped me mature and move on to positive things in my life which helped me to become focused and get on the right track in life. She is not completely with him on the same plain, as she experiences love more spiritually than sexually.

Gemini Man Leo Woman Compatibility

As long as the Leo woman accepts this about him and he gives her the love she craves, these two can make for a wonderful long lasting relationship that will stand the test of time. Gemini man and Leo woman share in expensive tastes from the conversations they speak to the clothes they dress in. But if Gemini isn't giving to attention, praise, and love your Leo ego needs, move on down the road.

We met by that chance as he applied to a store forty-five minutes from his home instead of one closer due to a friend of his. The box will scroll if you need more space. He is now talking about moving to my location in order to date me fulltime.

Gemini Man and Leo Woman Astromatcha

But his fickle nature may get in the way of her need to lead. After we were alone I let him know I will not be disrespected. In the beginning I had trouble with his moodiness but then I can be moody as well so we learned to give each other space.

Been datingone for three months now. Im a leo woman, dating a gemini man. Meaning date without dating with benefits is how I saw it but he explained different. Gemini woman is quite sharp and uses her intellect to analyze her lover and figure out his behavior.

Leo Woman Gemini Man

We communicate in the office over the phone, by letters or internet and even cell phone. He was my best friend and I was his everything. Also I feel really jealous when he talks to other girls, and when I tell him that I feel ignored he becomes all defensive.

As a Leo woman, we want to believe in everything, especially when it pertains to matters of the heart. The Leo woman complements this greatly by bringing the passion and the drive that results in a well-oiled machine. We both love traveling and all the above that says we share a love of! Then just stroke his ego and touch him when you give him compliments. His need to completely seduce her is what makes him a sexual idealist.

  1. He is very wishy washy and I cant stand that ish.
  2. She did not allow me to roam with curiosity.
  3. But it is a different kind of mood for a Leo.
  4. The Leo woman and Gemini man can find balance if he proves that she can trust him.
  • This makes a highly satisfied sexual relationship in the beginning but with time, this relationship, however, does not go without compromise on both sides.
  • You have to convince him that you never actually were able to take him off your mind.
  • Gemini man has plenty of charm while the Leo woman naturally exudes radiance.

Leo and I reconnected after that disaster ended but I feel like he is still scared to go back to how it used to be. Still, few are able to resist the charming nature of a Leo, and as none of their traits conflict, friendship or love is often quick to blossom. He makes his Gemini woman more secure and independent woman while she makes her Leo man, a stronger being full of enthusiasm and passion. He has never let go of me either. His mouth is horrible and he is very rude to me.

Gemini Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

The Elements

But the problem was that we used to live far from each other. He has this sexy smile and shy manner, that causes me to soften just a bit, but at the end of the day I love to be chased! Its almost as if he competes with me. The geminies I know is warm, intelligent, curious and makes fun around and laugh all the time! He is everything I ever wanted in a man.

As a Leo I also like my space, so I've decided that when it's time for him to have his space, then it's also Space Time for me. Leo women are usually hard working, especially if they will receive recognition for it. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. Confidenceis everything on your end. The other problem with Leo men that I experienced was that they are dominating and possessive totally out of league and they become self destructive after they realise they have let us down.

Gemini Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility

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Your Match Gemini Man And Leo Woman Love Compatibility

We stayed at the bar cuddling and making out together and went back home to a friends house. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. He is very faithful to me. Leo's have that way about them, even if I never told him I loved him, Im sure he still knew.

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