Cyberlink Power Producer 9

If you have any changelog info you can share with us, we'd love to hear from you! Just queue up the videos you want to create and tell ProShow to start when you're ready.


Motion Filters Ready-to-use animations at your fingertips. By selecting appropriate l. Explore Free Menus from DirectorZone. Motion Filters even work with Slide Style and transition effects!

PowerPoint Viewer lets you view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint and previous. ProShow Producer's modifiers feature has helped tons of power-users to create incredible effects by automating values using waveforms and algorithms.

PowerProducer 6 Free Trial Download

Photodex - Create photo and video slideshows with ProShow

PowerProducer also comes with guided steps. PowerProducer features complete tools to author video discs. Get more creative control over your slideshow than ever before. Alpha-blended menus offer extra style and detail. Not great at picking colors?

You can edit photos and videos with ease and choose a disc format that suits your needs. Make layers pulse, fly in, shake and more. The all-new Motion Filters let you apply ready-to-use animations to individual photos and videos. Support most versatile input video and photo formats.

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Trim your videos or enhance your photos with easy-to-use editing features. Add background audio to your menu templates, such as a music track or dialog you've recorded, adjustable length with fade in and out effects.

Pick the general color you want red, blue, green, etc. The vignette window even automatically remembers your last-used vignette, making it effortless to apply the same look to multiple photos and videos. Trim video clips to capture just the best moments.

Add a film filter to simulate the look of an old film camera, or apply retro effects to create something stylized. Store your favorite or frequently used colors and keep colors consistent across your show with custom palettes.

The Easiest Way to Create Hollywood-Style Movie Discs

Use the history to quickly see what's been made, open the created videos, or jump to the location of the file in Windows Explorer. Optimize your disc space to their maximum capacity. Merge lets you combine multiple clips into a single video for smooth, continuous play.

Produce your video projects in blazing speed with optimization for the newest hardware acceleration technologies. See if you qualify for a free upgrade. Never lose track of a created video again. Achieve Hollywood productions even for novice users. Great for creating multiple outputs for a show or for creating videos while you're out.

Give your creations a professional look with Hollywood-style menus. Combine Layer Filters with any of ProShow's Slide Styles and transition effects and discover a whole new level of creativity. Simply select your template, edit the disc information and choose a layout and background image. Create pro results with a cool choice of menu templates including your own video or photo backgrounds, and animated thumbnail buttons.

The new Publishing History keeps track of every video, upload, and disc you make for a show. The all new Layer Filters let you apply instant effects to any photo or video in your show. Split lets you cut a longer video clip into two or more smaller clips for further editing.

Now you won't have to worry about setting up motion for each layer individually, or keeping them in sync as you make changes. Include a copy of your original photos on your movie disc as an easy backup!

The all-new Publishing Queue lets you prepare your output jobs in advance and have ProShow automatically make everything when you're away from the computer. Create movie discs with Hollywood-style menus, and download unlimited free stylish menus from DirectorZone. It comes with complete disc authoring tools, supports the latest media formats and renders videos fast like no others.

New complimentary and variation color palettes automatically provide choices based on the current color. Try it now Test drive it free or install your upgrade now. Turn your home videos and photos into Hollywood-style movie discs with professional-looking menus! The icon-based user interface provides a smooth touch experience. When your creation is ready, robinson crusoe pc game burn to disc to share with your friends.