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After Shaky's attempts to talk to Aoileann only result in more losses, the group decides it's best to try and escape at night using a refiner ship from the drift fleet. However, he is too cowardly to help and sits back in tears as he lets the Crossed infect the vicar and Aoileann. This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. She seems to snap out of her trance, in which she repeated the same few words over and over.

Crossed Comic

Shaky hands him his weapon with only one bullet, in case Jackson believes it would be a good final act to kill Shaky as well. Much of the Middle East was wiped out when Israel deployed nuclear weapons. He created the hundred-year plan to ensure the Crossed survive and continue the apocalyptic cycle indefinitely. Now without her husband, the wife soon hangs herself. Shaky remarks that the entire situation is his fault.

Shaky decides that Cava is his home, and he won't leave. He escapes the church, and finds members of Cava who take him to the island. Soon human civilization is all but gone, and mankind is an increasingly endangered species. Who do we think we are, Richie? Shaky yells out in pleasure and is heard by several Crossed.

The rate at which a person becomes infected ranges from several hours to a matter of minutes, and once infected there is no turning back. Back on Cava, the infected drift fleet crashes into Cava spilling infected all across the island. You cannae even conceive of a world that wouldnae benefit from having you in it.

These days I don't think anyone does. Forgive them father, for they know not what they do. Aoileann has a seizure and it is revealed that she has epilepsy. Rab breaks Shaky's ankles on Cava telling him that he is just too big of a risk to bring along with them, as people tend to die around him.

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The Story Crossed (Collection) (2008-2016)

Crossed is a comic book written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Jacen Burrows for the first ten issues, and published by Avatar Press. Leigha reluctantly agrees, making a comic that fulfills all of her captor's twisted fantasies, but things may change when two strangers arrive at the store. She falls in with The Livers, three survivors that have formed a close bond despite their mutual insanity and occasional cannibalistic tendencies, and finds a new way to survive. Shaky then allows Aoileann to infect him while making love on the rock. Shaky and Jackson head off to quickly find and kill Aoileann, who has for some reason walked inland by herself.

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Crossed (Collection) (2008-2016)

He is accompanied by Selene, who is alive but mentally broken. Although they manage to establish a reasonably-functional homestead with dozens of followers, Smokey remains depressed that it is a far cry from the new society he had hoped to create. Lorre is the titular psychopath, and is killing members of his group of humans as he deems them problematic, passing the deaths off as the grisly acts of Crossed.

Seemingly in atonement, she happily accepts the task of driving a van into the fortress to get the weapons and bring them back. The remaining survivors from both parties come across a military fortress that is surrounded by Crossed and requests medical supplies in exchange for their weapons. He states he found her on an island occupied by Crossed, lying inside a circled of lit candles, alone.

Some of these more rational Crossed will self-consciously coat their weapons in their own bodily fluids, actively trying to turn non-infected survivors into more Crossed. Crossed is largely devoid of Ennis's trademark Black Humor. Crossed is a creator-owned series from writer Garth Ennis and artist Jacen Burrows. It consisted of the original series, two follow-up miniseries, an ongoing anthology comic, a spin-off set in the distant future, sathyam songs and two webcomics.

You don't even want to think about the third. Ultimately though, he is killed by a biker woman he fled with, when he confided his cowardice that resulted in the death of her sister-in-arms. He sets an alarm to go off once every hour, expecting the Crossed to finish what he started. Shaky runs down to help, but is too late. You could see her comparing this with that.

Issue also by Gage and Fernando Heinz follows Smokey and the twins as they attempt to fulfill the former's dream of ending the self-destructive nature of the Crossed. The group wait for her and continue luring the Crossed a few more times. It is to be noted that he does not display emotions, he is just more intelligent. The effectiveness of the ruse varies between stories, but it rarely works for long. The vicar returns to warn of Crossed outside and tries to separate Shaky and Aoileann.

The first series was originally optioned for an independently-funded film, with Ennis writing the screenplay. While she watches all these horrifying scenarios, Aoileann repeats the same phrase to her. When the sortie arrives back on Cava, they are met with Jasper who found the island without Shaky's help. After this, the government is evacuated to bunkers, civil authority is superseded by the Armed Forces and orders go out to shut down all nuclear facilities.

The more mindless rage-consumed Crossed will still know how to use firearms if they find them, but usually won't think rationally enough to plan out where to acquire more firearms. After running across a group of Crossed, they find that the infected have begun to multiply again after having almost disappeared. Greatly upset at this turn of events, the Gamekeeper begins to distance himself from his own group, only showing up occasionally with food or when a Crossed needs to be killed. In a rage, Aoileann points in the direction of the fleet.

If he asks an emotionally charged question or answers a question in a way that could make Aoileann appear weak, her gang will kill her and swarm the island. The group successfully distracts the Crossed the decoys mostly consisting of members of Jasper's former crew and gets Selene into the base. Get Known if you don't have an account.

This apparently got stuck in development hell, as no further word has been said about them. Back on Cava the group sees the drift fleet in flames, overrun by Crossed. Jasper then starts assuming a greater role within the hierarchy while pushing out Rab and Don.

Along the way, they pick up a pregnant Mexican woman fleeing from the drug lord father, trying to reach an island sanctuary off the Baja California peninsula. The series frequently presents Crossed specimens with unusual levels of focus and restraint, allowing them to form gangs of Crossed around them. She'd been holding an empty envelope. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shaky comes up with an idea that requires a volunteer to take on a high-risk mission.