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And I also dont want to show you just the one side of the coin. Some traditional Mestres dont recommend practising Capoeira after having had sex the night before.

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Birdman of Alcatraz

Clipe de Corpo Fechado

That it is not about concentrating on one thing. One known way is to have sex.

If you know better, feel free to correct. One arm always protects the face. These parts are especially your face, neck, chest and lower torso.

But the Corpo Fechado does exist outside of Capoeira aswell. Having a Corpo Fechado means being invulnerable against all kinds of physical attacks. Thus, Corpo Fechado is one part of Capoeira, a part everybody should know of, but not the above-all most important part of it. These amuletts did contain a diversity of herbs alongside with prayers written into them. It has become a part of Capoeira fashion.

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So all I can give you is my limited view on some parts of Capoeira culture. He was known and loved by the folks for his fights with the police. Even in Brazil many connotations and aspects of this art get lost due to old mestres dying and their knowledge usually dying with them.

This is why once in a while I come along and try to explain some of the words which you will hear in connection to capoeira. And also both in traditional and modern variants of the Game. The ideas of Kanga Nitu and corresponding rituals came along with the slaves and still have an influence on Afrobrazilian culture.

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But dont forget one essential thing about capoeira. The same does account for every single movement in Capoeira. It comes along with its cultural background, which developed in the Afrobrazilian circles of Brazil and spread all over the world.

Here in Europe or in the U. As I said, it is part of Afrobrazilian culture. After this short intro I will now come to the question given in the title. Theoretically you could have a perfect defense, but still be absolutely horrible in playing Capoeira. In times of danger he would transform into a beetle and vanish from the place.

Corpo Fechado is a set term in Capoeira culture, but it is not the only thing. The Corpo Fechado in the Roda is your defense, dating jealousy after divorce most basically your hands and arms protecting vulnerable parts of your body.