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  • After that he said that he want to take me swimming, then to gym but not too much as he doesn't want me to be skinny.
  • The good thing about Germans is that you can be honest with how you're feeling and just tell her.
  • Today is my birthday, my German Guy did a video recording singing me Happy Birthday's song, I was smiling when I heard it, I think that is so sweet of him.
  • How will I know if he is really genuine?
  • My friends do these things mentioned in the article as romantic.

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Now that I am divorced I'd like to meet a German man because I respect their intelligence. We met about a year ago in a trip to an island in the caribbean. Also before I asked him if he wanted my phone number and he said yes but his friends came over and he said I will get it from you next week.

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Glad you were open without getting defensive. We are struggling with some issues, dating and he believes that our differences are purely cultural. He said but you should not break your heart. Every single time I told I have interest in someone he always appeared to be upset with me. Things hit a low point when he turned up late for a family dinner recently as he had to work late.

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On the first day we had video chat, then wow omg he was so handsome. And it is extremely rare that a man will offer you the last seat on public transport. We have not been speaking much because of this, but two days ago he called me to tell me he wanted to hear my voice before he went to sleep. Turns head, that is amazing.


It is really tacky to an American culturally speaking. So I am drowning myself with work, But I must say dating a German is defiantly different than dating an American or Scottish. American men on the other hand, tend to be goal oriented, with the aim of getting laid. Wow I am so impressed how German treat a woman. However, German humor is probably less cruel then american, and its definetly not a cultural trait to be mean to your woman.

  1. We had a great time together.
  2. We really share worlds together.
  3. The consequence of this is a lack of understanding of women, a lack of comfort and often, a lack of respect.

He apologized the next morning and everything was fine. Hope it works out for you. If he likes you, he may even call the next day.

10 reasons why you should date (or even fall in love with) a German

At first I was afraid to meet him because I always have fear of rejection. He was not one to talk about sex, he was enthusiastic that we have had good conversations about all sorts of topics. He asked for my pictures and it was nice to receive sweet compliment from him. He invited me to have drinks at the hotel he was at with his colleagues. The strange thing is, he did not even remotely act happy to see me.

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He is visiting India this monthend and we are planning to meet. Liane - Oh you must let me know your opinion on Canadian men and what happens. We also don't have any picture together even we already met coz he doesn't want to, he said that he just don't want to take pictures. Hi Laurel, Thank you for your well wishes! View all notices Post a new notice.

It is not a german cultural thing to put down your woman, quite the contrary. He may even do all the research and pre-trip planning as well as my partner did when we were dating. And he used to had dating sites in his phone not now because the phone was stolen but he never deleted them. We started dating after I approached him as a friend first.

He is a pharmacist btw and is earning good money. He is really sweet and a true gentleman. Honestly, he's working harder than ever because he wants to come back to the States to see me. German men are not like that, let me tell you. It was really passionate and I felt very comfortable with him.

Problem solved- get a toy boy! And if you have no clue what to talk about with someone to get rid of that awkward silence, you can never go wrong with the weather. Yes I will agree with the author of this article the sex was fast he moved really fast and the goal for him was to cum.

He promise a lot by the way and give so much hope on me. You've probably noticed this by now. German men are exactly like milk chocolate very sweet, warm, i am dating the ice and bold.

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He also has a very sexual side that almost intimidated me, but he is so good in bed. He talked about a girl he dated once, about his work, local culture, food, politics, work etc. We would chat alot sometimes I would forget to reply, sometimes he would and that continued for a month and a half. He is reserved, but can be opinionated. And I just went through some nasty break up.

9 things to know before dating German men

For example I love to wrestle and rough house, but all in fun. Actually I'd be uncomfortable for that to be different, he's a boyfriend not a meal ticket and I'd feel kind of grasping to expect someone to pay for me all the time. But unfortunately we saw a bright light and laughing.

Traveling in couples or with friends is popular in Germany. German men will likely never flirt with you as an Italian would. It seems that even German men like chocolate. Best of luck and let me know how it turns out.


We texted a bit after I got home. He listens well and will always give me a honest answer, even if it hurts. After that, I didn't expect nothing, I didn't hope nothing and I don't because, just like you said, as german, he was straighforward and simple. On the flip side, international dating sites ratings he expects the same of you.

German Men and Romance Everything You Need to Know

German Men and Romance Everything You Need to Know
American women dating German men

Again, this comes down to respect and manners. The good news is if you tell them and show them what you would like, most of them do listen. So in a serious relationshiip the split should be nearer to earning power. Katharina - As a Canadian, that makes me soooo happy to hear that.

American women dating German men - Life in Germany - Toytown Germany

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Dating German Men

He misses the passion about love. Even a Japanese robot is more sentimental. Help me understand this guy please! We have a lot in common with our German men. How did it go with him eventually?

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