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With the standard configuration selected and using low rates it is an easy flying backyard flyer. For me, there are enough plane choices in the Standard version to have planes similar to the types of planes that I fly. Also, holding down the fn key and tapping the up or down arrow key moves to different flying sites at the same venue.

Using the aerofly compare page, it seemed that there was a difference in what was listed for the Standard Windows version and what I received as a download for the Mac. This simulator still falls short in the area of field of vision compared to what is viewed, or viewable, planet earth bbc documentary at an actual flying site. My guess is that activation is taken care of by downloading from the Mac App Store. There are also folders for Favorites and Recently visited and preview folders for the scenery found in the Pro and Ultimate versions. Using dual rates on this virtual one isn't necessary.

Review aerofly RC 7 RC Flight Simulator for the Mac

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It is quite similar to flying a Bixler. Low rates are a good place to start to get the feel. To use the glider tow feature requires a second controller to be set up and the two player splitscreen view to be used. The Model Editor is not available in the Standard version. Dual rates and expo can also be set up or the ones from a real transmitter used.

It worked as well on the virtual models as it does for the real world models. Very much like the E-flite Apprentice and Flyzone Sensei.

Review aerofly RC 7 RC Flight Simulator for the Mac

It was already set up with elevator and rudder on the right stick, so it was easy to do. That can be changed to splitting the screen horizontally or having no split screen by selecting Menu View, Splitscreen, None.

Presets may also be selected. Let go of the mouse button. The motor needs to be changed in the Glider section of the controller menu to Z axis to use the throttle. The V and B keys may be used to select alternate aircraft starting positions at a given venue. The interesting thing, for me, was that there was a Mac version.

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This is very handy for hand launching. There are special notes for using the throttle channel with helicopters and gliders. The manual, covering all three versions, documents the Windows versions with no mention of Mac alternate keys. It shows information on the currently chosen camera mode and also on the next steps. Console - window position is fixed in the lower left corner of the screen.

With high rates, it is still quite easy to fly. Also, if the balloons, used in the balloon bust, were tethered to the center of the runway, they could have acted as a landing training guide. One way that Page Up on the Mac is accomplished by pressing and holding the fn key and tapping the up arrow key. Flying on low rates provides for a good biplane trainer. With high rates it is a good flying sport plane.

It was a good thing I downloaded the manual. The field of vision, how large the area is that the user is focusing on, can be set in the sub-menu Camera Settings or by using specified keys to increase or decrease the field of vision. This most resembles the type of low-wing sport planes that I fly. This one flies like a low-wing trainer.

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Using dual rates tamed down some of the control surfaces for my type of flying. What could be better than that? The tow plane is not automatically programmed into the simulation and must be flown.

Unfortunately, the Standard version does not allow for this. There are six different venues included in the Standard version. The Standard version for the Mac is a good learning aid and good value. Photo realistic venue with more than one place to fly at the particular venue. The Standard version, with with low rates is easy to fly.

There are several folders displayed in the Select aircraft window. It allows the user to choose the time of day, weather, visibility conditions, and cloud details. Right clicking on any part of the active scenery brings up a Quick launch menu of the most frequently used functions available at that venue. Page Down is accomplished by pressing and holding the fn key and tapping the down arrow key.

Up to four different transmitter configurations can be saved. The scenery screen's Extras menu is where the available contests are selected as well as Glider Tow.

FAQ REFLEX XTR RC Model Flight Simulator

There are links to the aerofly site and information about aerofly. The comparison page on the Ikarus Web site shows that the comparison page on the aerofly site is incorrect.